The Safe Way
to Disinfect
Your Pet’s Habitat.

Disinfexpet’s disinfectant spray is effective,
one-step/no-rinse, and safe for pets, children,
and the environment.

Disinfexpet for Hamsters 

Our first Disinfexpet product. We will be adding more soon.

We easily make these areas safe for child caretakers and hamster.

This is Daphne’s 40 gallon home with a mesh top.¬† I dispose of any soiled shavings and add more. I then lightly spray and stir the shavings. Then the toys, dishes, etc. You shouldn’t be using common household disinfectants around animals of any size (we even have a horse stall disinfectant). Here are a few reasons:

DAPHNE – Spokeshamster

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  • Disinfexpet sprays do not have to be rinsed. Other sprays MUST be rinsed. Licking the residue can be harmful.
    This is not a problem with Disinfexpet sprays.
  • Kills surface and airborne pathogens. Improves pet’s breathing.
  • For cages, glass enclosures, bedding, potty/tray pellets, toys, wheels, tunnels, hiding/sleeping hut, sand/dust bath enclosure,
    water/food/snack dishes. and open air spaces. Remove dirtiest bedding, add new, spray and toss.
  • Disinfexpet sprays can be used around and on food and water. Other sprays can be poisonous.
  • Disinfexpet sprays are child, and asthmatic/autistic safe. Safe for the environment, too.
  • Disinfexpet sprays contain hypochlorous acid (HOCl). All mammals’ white blood cells naturally produce HOCl.
  • HOCl has been used for 100 years to treat wounds in humans and animals, as well as being a disinfectant.
  • Disinfexpet sprays clean, disinfect, and deordorize. Manufactured to veterinarian specifications.
  • Your supermarket mists the produce you eat with HOCl!
  • Disinfexpet products have a 1-year/90 day shelf-life unopened/opened. Most HOCl products are 90 days/10 days.

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